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What Happens on Tournament Nights

This page provides an outline of what happens on tournament nights.

Registration starts at 5:45 pm.

Starting Chips are $5,000 and all rounds are 20 minutes duration.

Blind Levels  
100 200  
200 400  
300 600  
400 800 antes 100
500 1,000 antes 100
1,000 2,000 antes 200


2,000 4,000 ante 500
4,000 8,000 antes 1,000
6,000 12,000 antes 2,000
8,000 16,000 antes 2,000
10,000 20,000 antes 5,000

Knockout Chips

Knockout Chips will be given out to every player at the start of the night. When you knock someone out of the tournament you get that one chip from them. The more chips you accumulate, the better. When you get knocked out, you only have to give up one chip.

When you have been knocked out of the main tournament, you take whatever KO Chips you have left over and give them to your tournament director so that you will get your points.

At the end of the season, players in the Main Event will be given a bonus amount of starting chips based on the amount of KO Chips they have accumulated over the season ($10 in tournament chips for each KO chip registered.)

BCAP Staff Bounties

BCAP Staff will now be participating in tournaments as well (not the tournament they are hosting, but they may be playing in a separate tournament alongside other regular players.) If you knockout a BCAP staff member from a Main Tournament, you will be awarded 100 points as a bounty for taking them out of the Main Tournament.

Sit-n-Go Games

The first players to be eliminated from the main tournament have the option to join in a one table 8 person Second Chance Sit-n-Go game. Up to three Sit-n-Go games will be played each night. You will not lose your regular tournament points (see below) by playing in a second chance tournament.

You may play in more than one Sit-n-Go game in a night.

You will get 100 points for each Sit-n-Go game you win.
You will get 60 points for each Sit-n-Go game you come in second.

Points won in Sit-n-Go games go towards the Second Chance Final (not towards regular season totals.)
See more on the Second Chance Final.

No Second Chance Sit-n-Go games will start after the second break.

Second Chance Tournaments will end the moment the main tournament ends. The first and second place winners will then be decided by chip count.


All tournaments will use the Tournament Director software and all seating will be randomly chosen by the TD Software. Tables will break down as players are eliminated from play.

Bonus Points

The top 16 players will get Bonus Points (BP) for making it that far. The BP prize pool can be viewed here.