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South Vancouver Island Region

For every month in the Season, a Monthly Venue Point Leader is identified for all venues that host three or more tournaments during that month. Each time a player wins Monthly Venue Point Leader, they will get an extra $2,500 in chips at the season-ending Main Event (the Final Tournament.)

NOTE: If a venue hosts two or fewer BCAP tournaments in a given month, no venue point leader will be awarded for the venue that month.

Below, you will see the point leaders for each venue in the South Vancouver Island Region, for each month in the season that has been completed so far. This page will be updated at the beginning of each month during the current season.

Clicking on the venue name in the tables below will bring up the list of tournaments hosted by the venue thus far. Clicking on the player name will bring up the member's detailed statistics for this season.

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Please note that the tables above only show final results. Use the picklist below to see who is in the lead at a given venue for the current month.

Detailed stats on players are available by clicking on the member's name in the table once generated.