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BCAP - How to become a Participating Venue

Benefits to being a venue for BCAP

You should see an increase in sales, new patrons, plus non-tournament night patronage stemming from venue exposure. As a participating BCAP venue you can expect an average of 30-80 players in any scheduled BCAP tournament event.

What you get from BCAP

We will provide a service second to none in the province. BCAP provides all poker chips, folding table tops, cards and professional software to run our tournaments. Our courteous, helpful staff, are always there to ensure your patrons have a positive, fun filled experience. If the patrons are happy that means they are comfortable. A comfortable patron means more sales. It is our goal to ensure that you as a sponsoring venue achieve your goals of more sales, repeat customers and venue recognition. Happy customers bring their friends to your venue whereas unhappy ones tell their friends to stay away.

What BCAP expects from you, the venue

You need space enough to host at least 4-6 eight person tables. You need to ensure a food and drink special coordinated with BCAP and their partnered sponsors for promotions You need wall space for an advertising banner You need to be willing to commit to a full tenure of league or portion that is left till the end of that season

If you would like to become a BCAP venue then contact us by sending an email to: