BCAP - British Columbia Amateur Poker League Shuffle up and Deal!
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BCAP League Rules

The British Columbia Amateur Poker League rules are as follows:

  1. Have fun.
  2. Be courteous.
  3. No profanity, aggressive, intimidating actions are allowed.
  4. No string betting.
  5. No rabbit hunting (once the winner is declared, no more cards are flipped.)
  6. No reaching into mucked card pile to show cards.
  7. Once cards are mucked your hand is done, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  8. All verbal declarations are binding (raise, call, fold).
  9. All raises must be equal to or greater than the last bet or raise.
  10. No sunglasses allowed.
  11. You must be a member in good standing to play.
  12. No pre-registration before the slotted registration time.
  13. Registration starts at approximately 5:30 pm.
  14. The first players out of the tourney can play in sit-n-go games (see below.) Up to three sit-n-go games will be played each night.
  15. Membership and waiver must be filled out and signed before members may participate.
  16. BCAP reserves the right to bar any member for whatever reason they deem is in contradiction of league rules and regulations.
  17. Failure to let the Tournament host know of your exit from the tournament will result in the tournament host's decision as per placement.
  18. All players will start with $5000 in tournament chips.
  19. No points will be awarded to players if no proof of purchase of product is shown to the tournament host.
  20. Members may turn in their receipt for their food/bar purchases to qualify for the monthly venue prize draw.

Sit-n-Go Games

Tournament Scoring - Nightly points (NP)

Tourney points (3000 total)

Finishing Points (FP) % breakdown

  1. %25 = 750 points
  2. %15 = 450
  3. %10 = 300
  4. %8 = 240
  5. %7 = 210
  6. %6 = 180
  7. %5 = 150
  8. %4 = 120
  9. %3 = 90
  10. %3 = 90
  11. %3 = 90
  12. %3 = 90
  13. %2 = 60
  14. %2 = 60
  15. %2 = 60
  16. %2 = 60

Participation Bonus Points (PBP)

Total players x 5 points = ?

? x % of placement = PBP

PBP + FP = Nightly points (NP)

For example:

Joe finishes 3rd out of 100
     FP = 300
          PBP = 100 players x 5 points = 500
               x % of placement = 50
Joe's NP is 350 points

BCAP Staff Bounties

BCAP Staff will now be participating in tournaments as well (not the tournament they are hosting, but they may be playing in a separate tournament alongside other regular players.) If you knockout a BCAP staff member from a Main Tournament, you will be awarded 100 points as a bounty for taking them out of the Main Tournament.

Second Chance Final

The Second Chance Final Tournament replaces the Venue Bonus Tournament. The players with the most Second Chance points will be eligibile to play in the Second Chance Final Tournament, as follows:

The Second Chance Final Tournament will be played the day before the Final Tournament. For the Spring/Summer 2020 Season, the SCF will be held on September 24, 2020.

Bonus Chips at the Main Event

Players in the Main Event will start with a base allocation of $5,000 in chips plus Bonus Chips based on their standing at the end of the season. For more information, see the Final Tournament Page.

Knockout Chips

Knockout Chips will be given out to every player at the start of each tournament. When you knock someone out of the tournament you get that one chip from them. The more chips you accumulate, the better. When you get knocked out, you only have to give up one chip.

When you have been knocked out of the main tournament, you take whatever KO Chips you have left over and give them to your tournament director so that you will get your points.

At the end of the season, players in the Main Event will be given a bonus amount of starting chips based on the amount of KO Chips they have accumulated over the season ($25 in tournament chips for each KO chip registered in the South Vancouver Island Region; $50 in tournament chips for each KO chip registered in the North Vancouver Island Region.) For more information, see the Final Tournament Page.