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The Final Tournament

Find out about last season's Final Tournament!

The Final Tournament for the Spring/Summer 2020 Season was held on September 26, 2020, at TBD. Registration starts at 3pm and the tournament starts at 4pm sharp.

Eligibility to Play

The Top 60 players from the South Island region are eligible to play. We will also include the top 5 players in our online tournaments. No spares or alternates will be accepted.

Starting Chips

Starting chips will be $5,000 plus the bonus chips based on where the players are in the standings.

The bonus chip formula is as follows:

Player Ranking Bonus Chips
1st $10,000
2nd -5th $7,500
6th -20th $5,000
21st -40th $4,000
41st -60th $3,000

In addition to the bonus chips as noted above, players get further bonus chips as follows:

For example:

Jack manages to accumulate 70 KO chips over 7 tournaments he played in the South Vancouver Island Region this season. He also had one 1st place finish. His overall ranking in the season is 22nd, and he was the Monthly Venue Point Leader once. Additionally, his overall 2nd chance standing is 1st place:
          Base allocation = $5,000
          Placement bonus = $4,000
          First place finish = $1,000
          Monthly Venue Leader bonus = $2,500 x 1
          Second chance standing = $10,000 x 1
          Bonus chips at the Main Event =
               70 KOs x $25 per KO chip = 70 x 25 = $1,750

Jack receives a total of $24,250 in starting chips at the Main Event.

Final Tournament Prize Package

The prizes for the Main Event are $1000 at the final table, door prizes and plaques for the winners.