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BCAP - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about BCAP:

How do I join?
All Tournament Hosts have a membership form that you will have to fill out in full and return to the Tournament Host prior to playing in a BCAP tournament. We will enter this information into our database and generate a membership number.

Your full name and phone number are required, as is your signature accepting the rules and regulations of the British Columbia Amateur Poker League.
I've never played Texas Hold'em before. Do I have to be a really good player to play in tournaments?
Not at all! Our tournaments are designed to be a teaching, learning environment so that even the most novice of players can learn the game and be comfortable in their knowledge to play Texas Hold'em anywhere.
While it helps to know the basic ideas behind poker (ie: what hands beat what), even this is not necessary to begin playing in BCAP tournaments. You'll learn as you go!
Do I have to provide an e-mail address?
While an e-mail address is not mandatory, it is helpful for us to have it, in case we ever need to contact you about your account.
What is your privacy policy? What information about me will appear on the BCAP web site?
We will never use your name, e-mail address or phone number for any spam, or any reason other than if we need to contact you about your account, and nor will we share your e-mail or phone number without your express written permission, other than for direct administration of the British Columbia Amateur Poker League.

Your name will appear on the Member Standings page, along with statistics on your performance in the tournaments so far, but your phone number and e-mail address will never appear on the public web site.

Your full name, e-mail address and phone number will appear in our administration page, which is only available to our administrator via login with their username and password.
Does it cost anything to join or to play?
There is no membership charge and no charge to play in any of the BCAP tournaments.
What can I win by playing in the league?
BCAP will put together a prize package for the final winner. Details about the prize package will be announced once the package has been finalized.
How do I contact the league?
You may contact the British Columbia Amateur Poker League by email at info@bcap.ca.
Can I play at more than one venue?
You may play at multiple venues all week long and accumulate points as you go. In fact, the main reason we created the league is so that members will enjoy the opportunity to play at as many venues as possible.
What if I can't make all the nights at all the venues?
This is not a concern, as there are many ways to qualify for the Final Tournaments.
Can I play in more than one region?
Yes, members are free to play in as many regions as they wish to. It should be noted, however, that if a member plays in more than one region, the points earned in one region will not be counted in any other. This will ensure that each region has its own champion.
Will my points be posted at each venue?
All points will be available on the BCAP website on the Member Standings page. These will be updated as they are received from the various tournament hosts. Members can view their points, final table standings and wins by region and by venue.
How do I qualify for the Monthly Venue Bonus Tournament?
This is achieved by the highest point earner for each venue. The highest point earner is then guaranteed a spot in the Monthly Venue Bonus Tournament. If a member achieves this at multiple venues or multiples at one venue they will be awarded the starting chips for each qualifying spot.
View the monthly venue point leaders for this region
How do I qualify for the Final Tournament?
Members accumulate points by playing at the various venues all over the South Vancouver Island Region. The number of players in the Final Tournament will be decided each season.
When will the Final Tournament be held?
Information on the Final Tournament for the current season is available on our Final Tournament page.